SOCS Calendar

SOCS Calendar is the beating heart of the school and the place where everyone can find out what's on, where and when.

SOCS Calendar comes complete with a calendar website which can be used stand alone or linked directly into a school's main website.

SOCS Calendar Features:

  • Calendar Mobile web app for IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and more.

  • Calendar authorisation and publishing system.

  • Live iCalendar synchronisation.

  • Add your school's primary colours, logo and photos to your SOCS Sport website using the Website Editor. Alternatively choose to customize your sports website with the style of your existing school website.

  • Customizable calendar exports.

  • Filter events and sync to your choice of filter.

  • Calendar search.

  • Integrates into your pre-existing School Website or App.

Illustration: Dulwich College Calendar Customization
Dulwich College Calendar

The SOCS Calendar offers total integration with the SOCS Sport and Co-curricular modules. This means as soon as events are added into the SOCS Sport or Co-curricular modules they appear on the SOCS Calendar. No more dual entry!

The SOCS Calendar can be exported in a variety of different formats making integration with other systems simple and the production of printed school calendars a breeze.

Illustration: Eton College Calendar Customization
Eton Calendar