SOCS Competitions

Whether you are a teacher organizing a local competition in and around your day job, or a competition administrator working for a national governing body, SOCS Competitions will cater to your needs. SOCS Competitions supports competitions of all sizes, from those involving hundreds of teams to competitions involving only a handful.

The SOCS Competitions module supports the setup and running of your competition. It makes the administration and communication of these complex events simple.

icons_logomark SOCS Competitions provides:

  • A dedicated competition microsite per sport.

  • Access to Competition Builder within SOCS sport.

  • Flexibility to create playing schedules in many formats including leagues and knockouts.

  • A simple tool for adding and checking results.

  • A bonus point editor that allows you to set rules that are automatically applied.

  • A resource folder for important information, documents and photos.

  • An easy way to avoid dual entry as competition fixtures are automatically added to the calendar.

  • The option of a Sport Hub to support multiple competitions across different sports.

Participating schools and their supporters will benefit from a dedicated competition microsite. Schools that are part of the SOCS community will have the additional benefit of integration into their school’s own SOCS Sport website.

SOCS Competitions makes results gathering a dream for competition admins and it also integrates with the  website so your competition will get the attention it deserves.

Illustration: Rosslyn Park National School Sevens SOCS Competition Microsite Mobile Webapp
National 7s mobile screenshots

SOCS are the proud supporters of hundreds of competitions including:

  • The National Sevens

  • Daily Mail Trophy

  • St Joseph’s College National Schools Rugby Festival

  • Independent Schools Hockey League

  • IAPS Hockey 7s

  • London ISFA Cup

  • HUDL Independent Schools League

  • Surrey Schools cricket Association

  • HMC T20

  • Lord Taverners

  • IAPS Netball

  • DASSA sport hub

  • ADISSA sport hub

  • ISSFHK sport hub

  • BISCAC sport hub

  • FOBISIA sport hub

Click here for a full list of the competitions support by SOCS: Competitions