SOCS Terms & Conditions of Business

1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms & Conditions of Business apply to the services provided by Schools' Sports Limited (SSL) a Limited Company registered in England and Wales (Registration Number 05685417), and SOCS,, and, trading styles of SSL, and the associated websites, systems and products of SSL (see point 1.5 below):

1.2 Please read the following sections carefully; they govern SSL's relationship with you in relation to this Website, associated websites and the services provided by SSL as stated above:

2. Website Visitors

3. SOCS Services Agreement

4. Privacy & Cookies Policy

5. Data Security Policy

6. Full Copyright Notice

1.3 Applicable Law. Your use of the services and any dispute arising out of such use is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

1.4 Changes to these SOCS Terms & Conditions of Business. SSL may change these SOCS Terms & Conditions of Business at any time. Changes will be notified to SOCS account holders when they next login to their SOCS control panels. Using or accessing this website, the associated websites, the SOCS control panel and the services provided by SSL indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions please do not continue to use this website, the associated websites or the services provided by SSL.

1.5 Websites, Systems and Products of SSL. The following are the associated websites, systems and products of SSL:

    • Any of the main modules of the SOCS system, including SOCS co-curricular, SOCS sport website, SOCS calendar website, SOCS Music and SOCS administrator and their associated Content Management Systems (CMS), as hosted and configured on SSL servers and to any SOCS component that SSL introduces in the future.
    • Any of the sub-modules of the above. e.g. SOCS sport hub, Team Sheet Builder, Team Training Planner, Competition Builder, Big Screen, dedicated website and corresponding CMS, as configured to support schools, clubs or other organizations as hosted and configured on SSL servers.
    • The SOCS main website -
    • and the Sports Portals:,,,,
    • Any website powered by SOCS and hosted on SSL's servers.

1.6 Child Protection. SSL supports and expects all users of its websites to adhere to the guidelines as set out by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU). For more information visit the CPSU website at

1.7 IPR and Copyright. The IPR and copyright of the services, system, code, software, the underlying infrastructure and configuration provided by SSL is the sole property of SSL. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the Full Copyright Notice. The Full Copyright Notice is part of these terms and conditions.

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