SOCS Co-curricular

Manage all your co-curricular activities, music, drama, art and trips with SOCS Co-curricular.

SOCS Co-curricular caters for any activity and grouping of pupils. Scheduling Art, Music, Drama and Club or Society activities is easy. Staff can login from any device connected to the Internet to see their personal calendars or the entire school calendar. They can take attendance registers for any activities they are leading.

mobile screenshots
Staff View: Club Register (left), Pupil View: Pupil Calendar (right)

icons_logomark SOCS Co-curricular Features:

  • Registration

    SOCS Co-curricular provides registration and attendance reporting via mobile or desktop devices.

  • Reporting

    Participation reporting is made simple with built in clash management and integration with SOCS sport. You can manage over and under subscribed clubs and activities and track pupils participation throughout their tenure at the school.

  • Shared Data

    All SOCS modules share the same pupil data therefore SOCS can generate participation reports and helpful system warnings to alert staff of any selection clashes, if, for instance, a pupil has been selected for two or more activities occurring at the same time or on the same day.

  • Powerful Calendar

    SOCS Co-curricular includes a complete timetabling and calendar system for the planning of any co-curricular activity and grouping of pupils.

  • Quick Start

    Co-curricular has the same user interface and many familiar features as seen in other SOCS modules such as SOCS Sport and SOCS Music, which means staff involved in academic, sports or co-curricular activities can get started quickly.

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