SOCS Tuition

SOCS Tuition is designed to help you manage your one to one or small group tuition lessons in school.

icons_logomark Tuition Components:

  • Sports Coaching

    Allows the sports department to manage additional sport coaching. Whether its private golf lessons, elite tennis or 1-on-1 strength & conditioning, we make fitting these into the student timetable a breeze.

  • Performing Arts

    Allows your Performing Arts department to manage its LAMDA, Speech and Drama, Dance and wider programme with ease.

  • Academic Tutoring

    Allows the school to manage additional academic tutoring. Quick and easy scheduling of areas including English as an additional language (EAL), learning development and support, Oxbridge prep or SEN.

icons_logomark Tuition Features:

  • Scheduling

    Fixed and rotating lessons, small groups and testing.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Lesson conflict resolution across the academic, co-curricular and sport timetables.

  • Communication

    Communication of the tuition programme to the wider school community through the dedicated SOCS WebApp.

  • Mobile Registration

    Mobile Registration for lessons.

  • Reports

    Tuition reports for billing, grades, participation and more.

SOCS Tuition integrates with all the SOCS modules used by over 900 schools in the UK and abroad.